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Policy under Art. 13 of the Privacy Code drawn up in accordance with the Provision issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority on 08.05.2014

This policy has the specific purpose of illustrating the types and methods of use and of provide guidance on actions to reject or delete the cookies on the site.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text strings which the sites visited by a user send to his/her terminal, where they are stored before being sent back to the same sites during the next visit by the same user. For present purposes, cookies are divided into technical and profiling cookies, depending on the function for which they are used, and into first-party and third-party cookies, depending on the person who installs them

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are used for the sole purpose of "carrying out the transmission of communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary for the service provider of the IT company specifically requested by the subscriber or user to provide this service (see Art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Privacy Code).
Technical cookies are divided into:

For installation and use of technical cookies, the prior consent of the person concerned is not required.

Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user as part of browsing. Consent of the person concerned is required for using profiling cookies.

Third-party cookies

Taking into account the different subjects that installs cookies on the user's terminal, depending on whether it is the manager of the site that the user is visiting, or a different site that installs cookies through the first, cookies are divided into first-party and third-party cookies.

Cookies installed by this site

This site, owned by Azienda agricola Facci, with registered office in Via dei Vigneti, 6, Albarè di Costermano sul Garda, 37010, Verona, Italia, which assumes, therefore, the quality of data controller in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 196/03 (Privacy Code), installs the following cookies (own and third-party):

Technical cookies

The user can disable the use of technical cookies at any time, but by doing may not be guaranteed full usability of the site. Should the user still intend to exercise such right, he/she can select/deselect individual cookies, in the way illustrated at the bottom of this policy.

Third-party analytic cookies
The site also uses the following third-party cookies
Third-party profiling cookies
The site also uses the following third-party profiling cookies

How to select/deselect or disable, remove or block cookies.

By browsing on agriturismolapertica.it you implicitly agree to the use of cookies. By default, browsers generally accept the use of cookies from both agriturismolapertica.it and third-party sites.
You can still change these settings in different ways depending on the type of browser used.
If several devices different from each other are used to display and access Internet sites (for example, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), you must ensure that each browser on each device is adjusted to reflect cookie preferences.
Disabling cookies may affect user experience of the site; for example, you might not be able to visit certain specific sections or receive customised information.

To manage the use of cookies, you must change your browser settings as follows for the most popular browsers:

Other tools for the management of cookies:

Browser add-on for disactivating Google Analytics
Tool for control and disactivation of some third-party cookies (in English)
Tool for control and disactivation of some third-party cookies


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